Top Kryptonews of the week: the most recognized financial pyramids, Bitcoin at 50K for 2021, Ethereum price with 2.0 update and much more

It’s true that we’re stuck, but right now that’s good. The fact that Wall Street is wobbling and Bitcoin is fixed as The Mona Lisa, is excellent news. Of course, the 10K has been a very hard ceiling to break. But there’s our current support that’s putting up a fight. The longer it goes on and that support doesn’t break, the stronger it gets. Despite the laterality of our situation, in a world on fire, that stability is a sign of great strength.

Now, let’s talk about the most read kryptonews of the week.

What price can Ethereum get with the 2.0 update?

There’s no doubt that Ethereum has become a major movement. It’s often compared to Bitcoin, but they’re actually two very different animals. You could say that Bitcoin is the digital gold and Ethereum is the supercomputer. Even though they are often placed as rivals of the same bag, that doesn’t seem to be the case in practice. People buy Bitcoin as an investment and build things on Ethereum. In fact, instead of competition, they are the leaders in different markets. That, although in theory debatable, in practice is what you see. They are systems that operate in a parallel/complementary way. That is what you see.

Many intelligent platforms have emerged that seek to dethrone Ethereum with „better“ technologies. In this „intelligent platforms“ we can include second layer Bitcoin solutions like RSK. But the truth is that Ethereum still occupies the throne of the sector and its fiefdom is expanding. Many people criticize Ethereum, but Ethereum must be doing something right. Because the developers still prefer this platform over others for the development of their projects.

This whole Ethereum 2.0 thing with its new PoS and sharding is certainly a bold move. It is a reckless act with many risks, but a lot of potential. The rise of Defi and the DApps has shown, whether its detractors like it or not, that Ethereum is not all about promises. There are the fruits of years of development. That on Bitcoin you can also build such things. Well, power is not done. It can, but it hasn’t been done. That Ethereum is unsafe. That it’s centralized. Maybe, but we can’t deny that their bread is sold.

The world’s most famous financial pyramids

I must admit that I was one of those who read this headline with a lot of curiosity. But then I was disappointed because it’s about pyramids of the past. I thought there would be talk of today’s pyramids. Because it’s obvious that there are a lot of pyramids out there. The problem is that there’s no good information about it. In fact, it’s very difficult to separate opportunity from scams, because there are people who call everything a scam. In this space, if you create, for example, a hedge fund, you will almost certainly be called a scammer on Twitter. And if you appear on twitter or on a blog, the public begins to say: „They say it’s a scam“. But who says? Well, that’s what they say. Damn it!

Because, in this space, what’s not a con is a bubble, but it’s said by billionaires who bought Bitcoin when everyone said it was a con and a bubble. The truth is that there are legitimate and very profitable businesses that are not scams. But what are they? This market urgently needs serious companies to carry out studies, rankings, valuations and recommendations.

Regarding scams, what I do find suspicious is when a new company with unknown people talks about big profits, but never talks about risks. And that could extend in some sense to Bitcoin. I’m talking about people who make extremely optimistic predictions about price. And they get upset if you take a more conservative position. It’s our responsibility to also talk about the risks. There are people selling Bitcoin to grandmothers and half the world saying it’s a safe investment. Recommending their purchase left and right. Watch out for that. Seems to me you’re playing with fire here.