Bitcoin Long-Term Holders Hit All-Time High: Uncovering the Trends

• Long-term holders of Bitcoin have reached an all-time high, roughly 5 months after the FTX collapse.
• This data was revealed through an exclusive Alpha article that analyzed the impressive growth of Bitcoin’s long-term holders and their impact on the market.
• The article also uncovered a record-breaking LTH supply and their recent accumulation activities, as well as a surprising pattern in the URPD metric that could redefine perspectives on Bitcoin’s long-term prospects.

Long-Term Holders Reach All-Time High

Bitcoin long-term holders (LTH) have recently hit an all-time high, approximately five months after the FTX collapse. This significant achievement is largely based off of data from Glassnode and further explored in an exclusive Alpha article.

Analysis Uncovers Record Breaking Supply

The analysis conducted by Alpha uncovers a record breaking LTH supply and details their recent accumulation activities. Additionally, the article reveals a surprising pattern in the URPD metric which could potentially redefine perspectives on Bitcoin’s long-term prospects.

What is URPD?

URPD stands for „Unrealized Profit/Loss Distribution“. It is used to track how much profit or loss has been made by each individual holder since they purchased their Bitcoin holdings. By observing this metric, researchers can gain insight into how well bitcoin investments are performing over time and how certain investors may be reacting to certain market conditions.

Implications for Market Stability & Price Action

The increase in LTHs signifies greater stability for cryptocurrency markets because these investors are more likely to hold onto their bitcoins for extended periods of time rather than trading them frequently or cashing out quickly when prices fluctuate too much. Additionally, this trend suggests that more people are confident about investing in bitcoin for longer terms which could provide support for higher prices moving forward as increased demand leads to increased price action in the future.


This analysis demonstrates that despite recent instability within cryptocurrency markets, there remains confidence amongst many investors who are taking advantage of opportunities presented by lower prices and betting on bitcoin’s long term success with their investments. As such, it is important to take note of these trends as they can provide valuable insights into changes within the overall cryptocurrency landscape and suggest potential directions where markets may be heading next.