Crypto Market Bottomed? On-Chain Says Yes, Macro Says Pain Ahead

• The crypto market suffered a major downturn in June 2022, with Bitcoin reaching an all-time low of $15,500.
• Since then, Bitcoin has recovered and returned to around $23,000 but the market remains unstable.
• CryptoSlate analyzed on-chain and macro data to determine whether the crypto bottom is in or if more volatility is yet to come.


The crypto market suffered a major downturn in June 2022, with Bitcoin hitting an all-time low of $15,500 before recovering back to around $23,000 by the end of January 2023. While the market remains unstable due to ongoing bankruptcy proceedings for large companies such as FTX and Celsius and macroeconomic uncertainty from an incoming recession, CryptoSlate analyzed on-chain and macro data to determine whether the crypto bottom is in or if more volatility is yet to come.

Whales are Accumulating

Net position change in addresses holding over 1,000 BTC indicates a strong cycle bottom as these whales have historically accumulated Bitcoin during extreme price volatility. During the Terra collapse in June 2022 whales scooped up almost 100,000 BTC within weeks and have recently begun accumulating again at the end of January 2023.

Long-Term Holder Supply is Increasing

The supply held by long-term holders (LTHs) has been increasing since November 2022 according to analysis from CoinMetrics indicating that investors are holding onto their coins for longer periods of time rather than selling them off immediately when prices dip down. This suggests that LTHs believe bitcoin will recover despite short term fluctuations which could be seen as a sign of a potential market bottom being set.

Perpetual Funding Rates are no Longer Negative

Perpetual funding rates measure how much interest traders must pay each day to borrow funds from one another while trading futures contracts which tend to go negative when there is high demand for shorts (i.e., betting against Bitcoin). Since late December 22nd 2022 perpetual funding rates have been consistently positive which may indicate that there is less bearish sentiment among traders.

Total Supply In Profit Growing

Since November 2020 total supply held by profitable addresses (addresses whose holdings are worth more than when they were purchased) has steadily increased throughout 2021 despite recent drops due likely due to new investors entering the space who bought at higher prices and thus need time for their investments break even again before becoming profitable again. This suggests that people remain confident about long term prospects even after short term drops and could indicate a potential bottom being set at current levels

Ex-FTX CEO Denies Trying to Influence Witness in Court Filing

• Sam Bankman-Fried, former CEO of FTX, denied trying to sway a potential witness in a court filing.
• The witness in question is the General Counsel for FTX US, Ryne Miller, who may be a witness at trial.
• U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Damian Williams, accused Bankman-Fried of contacting Miller via an encrypted messaging app with the intent to influence Miller’s testimony.

Sam Bankman-Fried, the former CEO of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX, has denied allegations that he attempted to influence a potential witness in a court filing. According to a Jan. 27 filing by U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, Damian Williams, Bankman-Fried is accused of sending an encrypted message on Jan. 15 to the General Counsel for FTX US, Ryne Miller. Williams suggested that Bankman-Fried’s message was an attempt to sway Miller’s testimony, as Miller holds information that could incriminate Bankman-Fried.

The message sent by Bankman-Fried read, “I would really love to reconnect and see if there’s a way for us to have a constructive relationship, use each other as resources when possible, or at least vet things with each other.” Williams noted that Miller was present at the company during its collapse and was part of company groups on messaging apps such as Signal and Slack. According to Williams, Bankman-Fried had instructed employees to modify and delete records related to FTX’s business, which is a possible violation of federal law.

In response to the accusations, Bankman-Fried has denied any wrongdoing and has requested that the court not impose restrictions on his communications. Bankman-Fried claims that he was simply trying to reach out to Miller in order to form a constructive relationship. He also argues that any information Miller might have is already known to the government from previous investigations.

At this time, it is unclear what action the court will take in response to Bankman-Fried’s denial. However, it is likely that Bankman-Fried could face contact restrictions if the court finds that he did indeed attempt to influence Miller’s testimony.

Bitcoin Surges 50%, Outperforming S&P 500 and Gold

• Bitcoin has risen 50% since its local bear market low of $15,400.
• The S&P 500 and Gold have risen 13% and 19% respectively since November lows.
• Over the past 24 hours, liquidations of BTC and ETH totaled $165 million.

The crypto industry has been abuzz in recent weeks as Bitcoin continues to surge, hitting a high of $23,230 for the first time since August 2022. This marks a 50% increase from the bear market low of $15,400 and is significantly outperforming two of the most watched asset classes, the S&P 500 and Gold.

The S&P 500, a stock market index that measures the stock performance of 500 large companies listed on stock exchanges in the United States, has risen 13% since November lows. Gold, a reliable hedge against inflation, has seen similar gains, with a 19% increase from November lows.

This bullish trend has been further bolstered by a bullish sentiment in the crypto industry. Over the past 24 hours, liquidations of BTC and ETH totaled $165 million. This figure is made up of a combination of short and long liquidations, with the majority involving BTC.

Despite the bullish sentiment, it is important to note that the market is still volatile and prices can change quickly. As Bitcoin continues to rally, frequent retracements at key resistance levels have caught bulls off guard. For example, on Jan. 18 and Jan. 21, BTC longs were liquidated for over $30 million.

At the time of press, Bitcoin is ranked #1 by market cap and the BTC price is up 8.87% over the past 24 hours. With a market capitalization of $445.52 billion, it is clear that Bitcoin continues to remain the most valuable crypto asset.

It remains to be seen whether Bitcoin’s bear market rally will continue, but it is clear that the crypto industry is in a state of bullish momentum and the future looks bright.

AI Tokens Soar: Top 5 Tokens Up 445%, 322%, and 290% in Last 30 Days!

• The AI narrative has grown stronger in recent weeks, but the AI crypto sector is still largely in its infancy.
• The top three AI tokens, Kambria, SingularityNET, and Graphling Protocol, grew 445%, 322%, and 290%, respectively, in the last 30 days.
• Most AI tokens are microcaps, making them high-risk investments with high reward potential.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) sector has been gaining traction in recent weeks, and given the potential AI has to revolutionize multiple aspects of life, there’s a growing interest in crypto tokens related to AI. To get a better understanding of the AI crypto sector, let’s take a look at the performance of the top five AI tokens in 2022.

The top five AI tokens all experienced significant growth in the last 30 days, with Kambria, SingularityNET, and Graphling Protocol leading the pack at 445%, 322%, and 290% growth, respectively. While these tokens have seen impressive gains, they are still largely in their infancy, and their future performance is still uncertain.

In addition to these tokens, there are also many AI tokens that are microcaps, meaning they have a market cap of under $50 million. These tokens tend to be high-risk investments due to their lack of liquidity and their status as proof-of-concepts that may not reach mass adoption. However, the upside potential of these tokens is much higher than larger tokens, as capital inflows can generate more significant percentage gains on low market caps.

Overall, the AI sector has seen significant growth, but it is still in its early stages. As the sector continues to develop, more investors will likely become interested in the potential of AI-related tokens. For those looking to invest in the AI sector, it is important to do your own research and understand the risks and rewards associated with investing in microcap tokens.

Crypto Legacy Pro Review 2022: Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Beware of fraudulent websites that claim to represent Crypto Legacy Pro. Create your authentic Crypto Legacy Pro account through BitcoinWisdom and get the Free personal account manager to help you navigate the process of setting up your account.

Crypto Legacy Pro Review – Unlimited Crypto Trading App

Trading in cryptocurrency is becoming popular each day. There are many cryptocurrency options including bitcoin, which was the first one to appear and gain traction. Most people who live an extravagant lifestyle today has a business or passive source of income which is something that many people seek.

Crypto traders make lots of money no matter what happens to the market due to the market’s volatile. The market provides a huge opportunity to earn a large amount of money and has led to the creation of a variety options for trading.

Many people aren’t sure of about how to pick a trading platform due to the fact that there are a myriad of options. While many platforms allow manual trading, which requires much work and energy, they are automated trading platforms. Crypto Legacy Pro is one of them. Crypto Legacy Pro app is an example of this, which utilizes technology to assist investors to make profit and trading more efficiently. It’s a simple, free application with a straightforward signup process.

Crypto Legacy Pro is an application program that is claimed to utilize modern technology in cryptocurrency trading. Starting with a deposit of EUR250 it is said to generate profits of as much as EUR200 per day. To make the claimed profit, Crypto Legacy Pro claims to have a winning percentage that is around 90%. It also trades with leverage of as high as 1:1000.

We ran a test of the program and were completely with its abilities. The review of comments from users confirms it is Crypto Legacy Pro is most likely to be authentic.

This review offers information on Crypto Legacy Pro as well as advice on trading to aid users in making the most use on the site. It is important to note that we’ve not put the machine through a real-time test which means we cannot assure the rate claimed by the company. Crypto Legacy Pro, on contrary, has received many positive reviews on the internet, suggesting that it could actually be what it claims to be.

A Quick Look at Crypto Legacy Pro

  • Trading bot for cryptocurrency with complete automation.
  • The minimum deposit amount is EUR 250.
  • 90 90% success rate
  • 24/7 withdrawals of funds
  • There is no native app to Windows, macOS, Android or iOS
  • Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin along with Ripple include among cryptocurrencies that are supported by.
Is Crypto Legacy Pro Legit?
  • Crypto Legacy Pro has a high score for performance, which indicates that it’s most likely genuine.
  • This bot also earns top marks for accessibility, usability and customer service.
  • We discovered that the Crypto Legacy Pro trading platform to be user-friendly during our demonstration.
  • Crypto Legacy Pro is said to generate a daily income that can reach EUR200 on the basis of a EUR250 deposit.
  • The withdrawal process is also a good aspect of this bot users have reported they find the procedure easy and without limitations or charges.

To determine if the bot is reliable to determine if it is reliable, we conducted a thorough background investigation. Our investigation included reviewing customer feedback as well as using the demo account to try the system. Crypto Legacy Pro appears to be genuine according to the data we’ve collected.

When we evaluate bots, we take into account five important elements: performance, ease of use, the transparency and ease of profit withdrawal along with customer service in addition to cyber security. Crypto Legacy is said to have a history of success. Additionally, it’s fully automated, which makes it easy to use for beginners. There was no indication that the bot was not fully transparent.

What exactly is Crypto Legacy Pro exactly?

Crypto Legacy Pro, as previously stated is a bot that claims to help customers trade cryptocurrency, with a success rate of more than 90 percent. Since the program is automated, it can be utilized by anyone even those who have no prior experience in cryptocurrency trading. To trade using Crypto Legacy Pro, simply register for a free account and make the EUR250 capital investment and hit on the Live button.

To have an extremely high rate of success the bot relies on cutting-edge technology. Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its sub-divisions Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) are examples of these techniques. The High-Frequency Trade (HFT) is a typical trading strategy for currency and stock day trading is based on AI. Crypto Legacy Pro is believed to employ the same algorithm for cryptography.

According to reports that this bot’s NLP and ML technologies enable it to conduct precise technical and fundamental analyses. Prior to the market’s reaction to news, fundamental analysts are able to receive information that is written in human languages and translate the news into trades. Crypto Legacy Pro claims to be the top news trading bot that is available. The technical analysis, on the other hand, involves the software scouring through the tens of thousands of charts of trading in cryptocurrency to discover clues, and then making trades.

What’s the function of Crypto Legacy Pro?

To offer seamless trading services, Crypto Legacy Pro works together with a handful of brokers. Bots, to be clear can’t operate on their own since they do not have the legal authority to manage deposits and are not connected with the marketplace directly.

Therefore it is the responsibility of brokers to manage transactions and carry out trades according to the instructions of the bot. Therefore, it is crucial to conduct background checks on the broker partners on any trading platform prior to analyzing the platform. Scam bots often collaborate with offshore brokers who are rogue to defraud investors. Brokers who are shady usually have a poor reputation on the internet and have no proof of compliance.

A regulated broker can provide traders with the confidence that their money are secure even if the broker fails. Since brokers are required by regulations to keep deposits separate and only use them to serve the purpose they were that they are intended that is what they do. The most reliable regulators inspect the brokers regularly to ensure that they are safe handling the funds of their clients.

The leverage of 1:1000 is offered by Crypto Legacy Pro bot brokers. This means that consumers are able to trade for as much as 1000 times their initial investment. A huge leverage could lead to huge profits, however it could also lead to massive losses. The use of leverage that is high and no protection against negative balances puts you at risk of losing funds. This means that you’ll be liable to the broker for some amount. A negative balance protection feature within Crypto Legacy Pro will ensure that you do not risk losing more than what you have. The trading process using Crypto Legacy Pro, like every other bot, comes with an extremely high risk. Therefore, you should only invest the money you can afford to lose.

What is the person who came up with the idea of Crypto Legacy Pro?

Stephen Mckay, a crypto trader and software engineer who is believed to be the founder of Crypto Legacy Pro. The man is believed to have made more than hundred million dollars from trading about cryptocurrency. Automating certain of his amazing trading strategies is said to be the foundation for Crypto Legacy Pro.

We could find very few details about this person on the internet during our background review. However, they appear to be the person they claim to be, as evident by their impressive online presence. Stephen Mckay has over 300,000 people on Twitter and Facebook. Additionally they have a large YouTube followers.

How do I join Crypto Legacy Pro?

It’s easy opening trading accounts using Crypto Legacy Pro. It takes just 15 minutes to finish the process. Additionally, with this program trading is easy and easy. In the maintenance of your account, the process of withdrawing or reinvesting your profits will take no less than 20 mins per day.

This step-by-step guideline will guide you for registering using Crypto Legacy Pro, and to trade using it.

It is the first thing to do. sign-up to get an account for free.

Go to this page Crypto Legacy Pro homepage or any third-party partner site and fill out the form with your full names, valid email address, and a valid number. Following the instructions, you’ll need to create a password that is secure and then agree to the terms and conditions of the bot. You’ll also need decide if you’d like to join the mailing lists of their bot.

A small amount of personal data is required to complete registration. Only a few personal details are required during Crypto Legacy Pro signup procedure. We are confident that this program handles every data entry with absolute privacy. There are no fees for registration to use Crypto Legacy Pro.

The software earns its profit by taking a small portion of the profits it earns. The owners of the Crypto Legacy pro will only make money when a user earns profits.

The second step is to make an EUR250 transfer to the account of the broker.

Users are directed to the broker’s page on the bot to deposit funds after they have completed the registration. It is possible to provide additional details and to have your identity verified with a check of your ID by the government at this stage. All financial institutions must confirm the identities of their customers. To prevent fraud, regulators are requiring that these companies adhere to the know Your Customer (KYC) policy.

Through Crypto Legacy Pro brokers, depositing money is simple and takes just the duration of a few minutes. The Wire Transfer option, Master Card, Visa, Maestro, Neteller, WebMoney, Skrill, and Bitcoin are the options available to make an account.

It is the next stage to open with a demo trading account.

Demo-trading Crypto Legacy Pro is an example platform that is in partnership with its brokers partners to allow customers to experience the live trading platform. The demo platform has all the functionality as the real one. Additionally, it utilizes historical information to recreate a realistic cryptocurrency market.

The results achieved through the demo account it is not meant to be taken as proof of the kind of profits that could be realized in real-time trading. The demo account offered by Crypto Legacy Pro is strictly intended for purposes of demonstration. Be aware that the bot is entirely automated and the only thing you’ll need to be aware of is the live trading button and the options for managing risk.

The last step is to commence real-time trading.

When you use Crypto Legacy Pro, live trading is as easy as pressing the button. Before you go live, you have to define the risk level you’re willing to accept per trade. Risk management is the process of deciding the amount you’re willing risking per trade. If you risk more than 10 percent of your account’s balance likely to lead to an unplanned blowout.

If it’s midday at noon on Wall Street, it’s advisable to begin trading using Crypto Legacy Pro. The reason for this is that the markets are expected to be highly unstable at this point. Because of the derivatives that are related to crypto, Wall Street trading activity is believed to have an impact on the volatility of crypto.

Crypto Legacy Pro is completely independent, meaning you don’t be worried about getting up late or quitting your work to make time to use it.

Crypto Legacy Pro Review – Tips for Beginners to Make Profitable Trades

Improve your skills.

Users of Crypto Legacy Pro Crypto Legacy Pro platform are first taught the best ways to utilize it, and receive basic information about crypto to start. Beginning traders should try trading to gain confidence with the demo account prior to making the move to a real account.

Find out More about crypto.

Anyone who trades should conduct some study and be aware of cryptocurrency before trading. Having a greater understanding of the cryptocurrency prior to engaging in trading is crucial, particularly when dealing with high-risk crypto assets.

Modesty is the key.

Keep your dignity and realize that no matter how much you do, you’ll never become a successful trader. in reality, nobody is ever an expert trader. Many of the best traders regardless of how skilled they are, commit costly errors frequently. This applies to traders too. They will only be able to maintain their spot if they’ve had some wins.

Profits can be made.

After every successful trade, always record an income and then deposit the money to your bank account. This will make separating your investment capital and the money you’ve earned thus far much simpler.

Trade often.

It is possible to trade any time of the day or night as the trading platform is accessible online. You are not unable to carry the routine trades. At least 20 minutes a daily on this platform will be all that’s necessary.

Features of Crypto Legacy Pro

The profit potential is said to be high.

With a deposit of EUR250, Crypto Legacy Pro claims to earn an average daily gain of up to EUR200. This means that with the same capital investment, you could earn as much as EUR2k each week.

The platform is easy to utilize

Crypto Legacy Pro is completely automated and does not require any prior experience or knowledge to operate. All that is required from an individual user would be to establish an account for free to deposit funds, determine the risk and click“live.

The withdrawal process is smooth

When using Crypto Legacy Pro, the withdrawal process is simple and simple. Customers must fill out the withdrawal request form via the management dashboard of the fund and wait for up to 24 hours for the funds to be deposited into your bank account.

Outstanding client service

Crypto Legacy Pro is well-known for its exceptional customer service. We found that they respond to live chats very quickly. Responses to emails can take up to 24hrs, which is what we expect. Crypto Legacy Pro works with its brokers partners to ensure that customers can receive all of their queries answered in just one call.

Platforms which are safe

Crypto Legacy Pro is properly secured to stop fraudsters from getting access to personal information. It also conforms to regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union (GDPR).

Costs and fees

The users don’t need concerns about cash changing since they can rest assured that the Crypto Legacy Pro app’s costs are clearly stated. There aren’t any fees for registration, deposit or withdrawal. Comparatively against other sites, users won’t be charged any hidden costs.


One of the primary reasons that people lose money trading is due to a inexperience with the market and obtaining incorrect information. One of the key features in this Crypto Legacy Pro platform that distinguishes it from other platforms is the accuracy of its trading signals. To guarantee profitability the robot is able to accurately analyze markets and supplies traders with a reliable signal.

Crypto Legacy Pro System – Trading Risks

After a technical and fundamental examination, the platform, however appealing as its profits appear, has imperfections. The high leverage that is common characteristic of bots and the leverage of Crypto Legacy Pro is as strong as the other. Although there is an opportunity to make lots worth of cash, it’s real that your entire investment could be destroyed in just a few minutes.

It’s important to note that the options for trading currencies are very limited. A large amount of money into a single currency could be risky However, diversifying your portfolio may assist in reducing the risk of losses (if they occur).).

Crypto Legacy Pro – Pros and Cons

What We Like About Crypto Legacy Pro

  • Platform that is simple to utilize
  • The registration process is simple and quick.
  • Excellent client service
  • Free demonstration account
  • Quick withdrawals
  • There is no need for previous knowledge.
  • Platform that is secure

What We Don’t Like About Crypto Legacy Pro

  • There is no native app is available for Windows, macOS, Android or iOS
  • There are only a handful of crypto currencies that can be traded.
  • The ownership information is not clear.
  • The auto trading robot may be a bit difficult to master.

Crypto Legacy Pro – Our Verdict

Crypto Legacy Pro appears to be among the legit trading bots based on the many positive reviews on the internet. Most people who’ve tried the software have experienced a great experience. The performance, user-friendliness as well as customer service are all top marks for the automated trading tools it offers. Crypto Legacy Pro is said to be extremely rewarding however, it’s not without risk. This is why it is recommended to only make trades with money you are able to risk.

Bitcoin Pro: ¿quién está detrás?

¿Quién se imagina recibir una información de este tipo que pueda determinar la dirección del mercado con antelación? Esto puede realizarse con la ayuda de tecnologías sofisticadas y mediante algoritmos avanzados. Así pues, ¿quién no querría aprovechar esta oportunidad para obtener las mejores y más rentables noticias que ofrece el mercado? Con el software de Bitcoin Pro, el inversor puede evaluar el mercado mucho mejor. Pero, ¿cómo funciona realmente?
Con nuestro informe de prueba, el comerciante recibe una visión detallada del mundo de este robot. Además, los inversores aprenderán cómo el bot les ayuda a obtener beneficios con él. Bitcoin Pro se ha dado a conocer recientemente, pero ya ha atraído la atención de los operadores de todo el mundo.
El siguiente artículo proporciona información completa sobre Bitcoin Pro.


Bitcoin Pro: ¿qué significa realmente?

Bitcoin Pro es una plataforma de negociación que puede realizar predicciones precisas y analizar el mercado sin la intervención del inversor. El programa muestra datos de Internet, noticias mundiales y el índice financiero de los mercados extranjeros.
El robot analiza los datos para que el corredor pueda interpretarlos. Si el corredor considera creíble esta información, el robot automatizará la operación. El software está muy bien posicionado para aprovechar las oportunidades de los mercados. Es justo decir que este proceso es mucho más rápido que los procesos de negociación manual.

Características y funcionalidades


Bitcoin Pro: ¿quién está detrás?

Se dice que John Meyers es el desarrollador de este software. Tiene una amplia experiencia en el comercio financiero y de criptomonedas. Bitcoin Pro está conectado a una enorme red de corredores regulados y de buena reputación. Con la ayuda de algoritmos avanzados, pueden analizar los datos recogidos y, por tanto, dar al inversor una ventaja significativa sobre otros inversores.

###3 pasos###

Opiniones sobre Bitcoin Pro

Básicamente, no confiaba realmente en este programa. Sin embargo, este producto ha facilitado todo el proceso. Aunque ya he ganado dinero en línea, no pude entender realmente el procedimiento. En el proceso, el programa informático me ha alejado de todo lo complicado. Como resultado, pude trabajar sólo unos minutos al día y seguir aumentando mis ingresos.

Ventajas y desventajas


Características: Con Bitcoin Pro, los inversores disponen de muchas características que pueden personalizar totalmente a su gusto.
Señales de trading precisas: Las señales son de alta calidad, dando a los operadores una alta probabilidad de éxito.
Análisis avanzado de datos: Para recopilar datos del enorme conjunto de mercados en línea y recursos financieros, el software utiliza algoritmos avanzados.
Corredores expertos: Un sólido equipo de corredores analiza estos datos para aumentar la garantía de que las señales que recibe el inversor son realmente fiables.

Equipo desconocido: Básicamente, no se sabe quién está realmente detrás de Bitcoin Pro. Sin embargo, esto no afecta en absoluto al rendimiento del software.


No se puede dudar de la legitimidad de este programa. En efecto, fue desarrollado para que los operadores puedan operar con éxito en el mercado financiero. Cualquiera que ahora quiera operar con Bitcoin Pro y obtener beneficios debe registrarse en la plataforma.
Es justo decir que Bitcoin Pro es una nueva app de trading que proporciona cifras que pueden ser operadas con éxito tras un análisis adecuado. Una ventaja es que tanto la plataforma como el software son fáciles de usar. Hay condiciones ocultas que atan al usuario a este sitio. Además, el pago de los beneficios no presenta problemas.

¿Cómo se compara Bitcoin Pro con otros bots?

Bitcoin Pro es una plataforma que promete a los inversores muy buenos beneficios. Sin embargo, su funcionamiento es algo diferente al de otros robots. Sin embargo, su rendimiento es mejor que el de otros contendientes.
Esta es una de las razones por las que se puede recomendar Bitcoin Pro sin dudarlo.

Bitcoin Pro – Margin-Handel und Margin-Finanzierung

Bitcoin Pro bietet Margin Trading und Margin Lending an; es erlaubt seinen Nutzern, mit bis zu 10x Leverage zu handeln, indem sie die Vorteile der Finanzierung vom P2P Margin Funding Markt nutzen. Die Benutzer können automatisch einen Finanzierungsauftrag selbst eingeben, um den gewünschten Betrag zu dem von ihnen gewünschten Zinssatz und der gewünschten Dauer zu leihen.

Bitcoin Pro bietet auch Margin-Finanzierung zusammen mit Margin-Handel. Margin-Finanzierung bietet Händlern einen sicheren Weg, um Zinsen auf Fiat-Währungen und digitale Vermögenswerte zu verdienen. Die Margin-Finanzierung stellt Händlern, die mit Hebelwirkung handeln wollen, Mittel zur Verfügung. Der Zinssatz und die Dauer der Finanzierung können von den Nutzern selbst bestimmt werden. Mit der Funktion „Auto-Renew“ werden Angebote nach ihrem Ablauf automatisch erneuert.

Der Handel mit Derivaten

Bitcoin Pro ermöglicht den Handel mit Derivaten, mit denen Händler auf den Preis eines Vermögenswerts oder eines Derivats spekulieren können, ohne es kaufen oder verkaufen zu müssen. Händler, die einen Handel durchführen möchten, müssen ihr Derivatkonto lediglich mit ihren USDT-Beständen besichern.

Außerbörsliche Dienstleistungen
Ein außerbörslicher Handelsservice steht Händlern zur Verfügung, die größere Beträge (z. B. über 100.000 USD) an Kryptowährungen privat handeln möchten.


Das Kunden-Support-Team ist rund um die Uhr verfügbar, aber nur per E-Mail, was ein großer Nachteil für die Händler ist, die auf der Bitcoin Pro-Plattform handeln. Da E-Mail jedoch der einzige Kontaktpunkt der Börse mit ihren Kunden ist, stellt sie sicher, dass Händler ihre Probleme innerhalb von maximal 12 Stunden nach dem Zeitpunkt, an dem sie ihre Fragen gestellt haben, gelöst bekommen.

Es gibt einen separaten Telegram-Kanal, in dem das Admin-Team allgemeine Fragen zur Compliance beantwortet. Alle kontospezifischen Fragen müssen jedoch über das offizielle Support-Ticket-System der Börse gestellt werden, um Sicherheitsprobleme zu vermeiden. Bitcoin Pro unterhält keine privaten Nachrichten und daher sollten Händler ihre Passwörter nicht mit jemandem teilen, der danach fragt.

Unser Urteil
Somit ist Bitcoin Pro eine der vertrauenswürdigsten Kryptowährungsbörsen der Welt, mit einer umfassenden Liste von unterstützten Münzen, die es Händlern ermöglicht, ihre bevorzugten Kryptowährungen zu kaufen oder zu verkaufen. Es ist vor allem die Plattform für fortgeschrittene Händler, die in der Verwendung von erstklassigen Charting-Tools mit signifikant hohem Liquiditätsvolumen geübt sind. Für Neulinge ist Bitcoin Pro möglicherweise nicht der richtige Ort, um damit zu beginnen.

Ist Bitcoin Pro sicher?

Ja, Bitcoin Pro ist eine sichere und beliebte Börse zum Investieren und Handeln. Die Börse verwendet mehrere Sicherheitsmaßnahmen, damit Bitcoin Pro-Nutzer in einer sicheren und zuverlässigen Umgebung handeln können. Zum Beispiel werden fast 95% der Kundengelder in einem Kühlhaus aufbewahrt, um die Sicherheit zu gewährleisten. Alle Daten, sowohl alte als auch neue, werden in einem sicheren Server aufbewahrt, und ein fachkundiges Sicherheitsteam vor Ort ist für die Sicherheit des Servers verantwortlich, der wiederum durch DDoS-Schutz geschützt ist.

Ist Bitcoin Pro reguliert?

Nein, die Bitcoin Pro-Börse ist nicht reguliert, gehört aber zu den Top-Börsen der Welt. Das Unternehmen operiert in Hongkong und ist auf den Britischen Jungferninseln registriert.

Weniger Risiko bei Yield Farming an dezentralen Börsen

DeFi bietet die Möglichkeit, auf Renditen zuzugreifen, die in der traditionellen Finanzierung nicht zu finden sind, und das mit einem wettbewerbsfähigen Risikoniveau.

Wie Yield Farming auf dezentralen Börsen weniger riskant werden kann

Die DeFi-Branche ist seit 2020 auf dem Vormarsch und bietet eine neue Perspektive auf die Finanzwelt und eine neue Möglichkeit für Anleger, Geld zu verdienen.

Im Wesentlichen ist DeFi, auch bekannt als Decentralized Finance, ein Ökosystem von Anwendungen und Dienstleistungen, die auf öffentlichen Blockchains aufbauen.

Yield Farming und Staking gewinnen auf dem DeFi-Markt derzeit an Dynamik.

Farming, aber mit Erträgen

Yield Farming, oft auch als „Liquidity Mining“ bezeichnet, ist eine lukrative Möglichkeit, mit der Kryptowährung, die Sie bereits besitzen, Geld zu verdienen.

Einfach ausgedrückt: Sie verleihen Ihre Krypto-Vermögenswerte an eine dezentralisierte Plattform durch intelligente Verträge und ohne Zwischenhändler und werden dafür belohnt. So wird auch das Bitcoin Gold Trading nach vorne bringt.

Bei diesem Prozess handelt es sich um ein sogenanntes automatisiertes Market-Maker-Modell (AMM), allerdings in Kryptowährung: Es umfasst Liquiditätsanbieter, d. h. Nutzer, die ihre Vermögenswerte hinterlegen, und Liquiditätspools, d. h. alle für den Handel verfügbaren Vermögenswerte an dezentralen Börsen.

In den meisten Fällen erhalten die Liquiditätsanbieter Governance-Token als Gegenleistung für die Hinterlegung ihrer Krypto-Vermögenswerte.

Dieser Prozess ähnelt der Funktionsweise von Bankkrediten: Die Bank leiht einer Person Geld und erwartet, dass sie es mit Zinsen zurückzahlt. Beim Yield Farming verhalten sich Krypto-Investoren wie Banken.

DeFi bedeutet nicht immer sicher

Obwohl DeFi eine großartige Möglichkeit für Investoren ist, Geld zu verdienen, insbesondere wenn sie komplexe Strategien anwenden, wie z. B. Geld von dezentralen Plattformen zu leihen und es woanders zu einem niedrigeren Prozentsatz als ihre Rendite einzusetzen, ist es nicht so sicher, wie Sie vielleicht denken.

Da diese Technologie dezentralisiert ist, könnte ein einziger technischer Fehler die gesamte Blockkette gefährden, der so genannte „Dominoeffekt“. Da Blockchain-Transaktionen unumkehrbar sind, können Sie Ihr gesamtes Vermögen verlieren.

Ein weiteres großes Problem ist die Volatilität. Bei Volatilitätsspitzen kann das Geld, das Sie sich vom Smart Contract geliehen haben, liquidiert werden, sodass Sie nichts mehr haben.

Hebelwirkung von Stablecoins

Aus diesem Grund haben DeFi-Unternehmen ein Auge auf Stablecoins für ihre Liquiditätspools geworfen.

Stablecoins sind an den Wert des Dollars oder eines Rohstoffs gekoppelt, was sie weit weniger volatil macht als andere Handelspaare. Stablecoins könnten für Neulinge ein sicherer Weg sein, um fremdfinanziertes Renditefarming auszuprobieren.

Und einige Unternehmen bieten beides an – digitale Währungen und Stablecoins -, was die Basis potenzieller Investoren erweitert und den Liquiditätspools mehr Sicherheit bietet.

Eines dieser Unternehmen ist Kalmar, eine DeFi-Bank mit einer Reihe von Produkten, darunter Leveraged Interest und NFT Fundraiser.

Kalmar nutzt das gehebelte Stablecoin-Farming, bei dem die von anderen Nutzern bereitgestellten Mittel eingesetzt werden, was nach Angaben des Unternehmens Renditen zwischen 40 und 90 % Zinsen pro Jahr ermöglicht.

Die Plattform bietet die Möglichkeit, gehebelte Rendite-Farming-Produkte mit Binance Coin (BNB) oder mit seinem Stablecoin-Äquivalent, BUSD, oder beidem zu nutzen.

Laut Kalmar können Anleger die Kontrolle über ihre privaten Schlüssel behalten, indem sie Browser-Wallets wie Metmask, Math Wallet, WalletConnect, Binance Chain Wallet, SafePal APP Wallet und Trust Wallet integrieren.

VRM toimittaa suuria salauksia, joilla on vähäinen vaikutus markkinoihin volyymien kasvaessa

3. maaliskuuta 2021 – Korkean taajuuden kauppayhtiö VRM on ilmoittanut, että sen keskimääräinen päivittäinen kaupankäyntivolyymi on nyt 15 – 20 miljardia dollaria, kun sen vaikutus salausmarkkinoilla kasvaa.

Yhtiö käy kauppaa tekoälypohjaisten kvantitatiivisten korkean taajuuden strategioiden kanssa salausmarkkinoilla ja tarjoaa myös vaihtoa asianmukaisilla markkinatuoteratkaisuilla.

VRM toimii useilla tärkeimmillä kaupankäyntialustoilla, kuten BitMEX, OKEx, Huobi, Binance ja Bithumb

Yksi VRM: n uusimmista innovaatioista on Musta valtameri, joka tarjoaa pääsyn Dark Pooliin ja Liquidity Pooliin, mikä hyödyttää kauppiaita, sijoittajia ja vähittäiskauppaan keskittyviä yrityksiä salausmarkkinoilla. Yritys ja ammattimainen sijoittaja tarjoaa salauksen säilytystä, lainoja ja fiat-ramppia yrityksille. Hanke on perustettu varmistamaan, että suuria salausvarojen paloja voidaan käydä nopeasti kauppaa – alueella, jolla kysyntä kasvaa.

Musta valtameri luo välittäjille ja institutionaalisille toimijoille mahdollisuuden suorittaa yli 100 000 dollarin arvoiset salaustapahtumat suurella nopeudella vaikuttamatta markkinoihin.

Tarjolla on kahden tyyppisiä yhdistämispalveluja. Dark Pool tarjoaa valaita asianmukaisella tavalla ja valtavan määrän likviditeettiä – ja varmistaa, että tiedot eivät tule julkisiksi. Tämä palvelu tarjoaa myös enemmän joustavuutta ja parempia hintoja kuin nykyiset reseptilääkeratkaisut – kaikki pienentävät maksuja ja auttavat asiakkaita välttämään liukastumista.

Samaan aikaan Liquidity Pool palvelee vähittäiskaupalle suuntautuneita yrityksiä ilman vähimmäistilauskokoja. Tämä palvelu on suunniteltu antamaan vähittäiskauppiaille mahdollisuuden antaa asiakkailleen pääsy kauppapaikkaan. Olemassa olevat pilviratkaisut, jotka tarjoavat yrityksille vaihtomalleja ja pääsyn niiden likviditeettiin, komentavat usein jopa 50%: n maksuja – mutta sitä vastoin Musta valtameri perii nolla maksua ja antaa alennuksen jokaisesta alustansa kautta toteutetusta tilauksesta.

Mustan valtameren kilpailuetu on siinä, miten se tarjoaa rajattomat API-puhelut – ominaisuuden, jota mikään salauspörssi ei tällä hetkellä tarjoa. Vielä parempi, 24/7/365 käyttöaika varmistetaan 100%: n redundanssilla.

Mustan valtameren toimitusjohtaja Andrei Grachev sanoi:

”Veloitamme pieniä palkkioita institutionaalisilta asiakkailta – ja olemme erilaisia, koska emme ansaitse rahaa leviämisestä. Musta valtameri on päättänyt tarjota markkinoiden parhaat toteutushinnat. Maksuttomat alustat saattavat tuntua houkuttelevilta, mutta miljoonan dollarin päivittäinen kaupankäynti voi tarkoittaa, että menetät 3,5 miljoonaa dollaria vuodessa leviämisestä. Sen sijaan menemällä alustalle, joka on läpinäkyvä sen kustannusten suhteen, voi laskea nämä maksut kokonaan 200 000 dollariin vuodessa. Se ei ole järkevää valitsemiesi asioiden suhteen. „

TA: El precio del Bitcoin sube por encima de los $58K, por qué los toros podrían apuntar a los $60K

El precio del Bitcoin se mantuvo en una zona positiva y alcanzó un nuevo máximo histórico por encima de los 58.000 dólares frente al dólar. El BTC está corrigiendo las ganancias, pero es probable que siga subiendo hacia los 60.000 dólares.

  • El Bitcoin extendió su ascenso por encima de los $57,000 y alcanzó un nuevo máximo histórico en $58,350.
  • El precio sigue estando muy por encima de los 55.000 dólares y de la media móvil simple de 100 horas.
  • En el gráfico horario del par BTC/USD se observa una línea de tendencia alcista con soporte cerca de los $55.000 (datos de Kraken).
  • El par podría seguir subiendo y los alcistas probablemente apunten a una prueba de $60,000.

El precio del Bitcoin se mantiene en una fuerte tendencia alcista

Después de un fuerte cierre por encima del nivel de $55,000, el precio del Bitcoin Bank extendió su movimiento alcista. BTC rompió los niveles de resistencia de $56,000 y $57,000. Incluso superó el nivel de 58.000 dólares y alcanzó un nuevo máximo histórico de 58.350 dólares.

Recientemente, hubo una pequeña corrección a la baja por debajo del nivel de 57.500 dólares. Se produjo una ruptura por debajo del nivel de retroceso del 23,6% del movimiento ascendente desde el mínimo de 54.000 $ hasta el máximo de 58.350 $. El precio incluso cayó por debajo del nivel de 57.000 $, pero las caídas fueron limitadas.

El Bitcoin encontró soporte cerca del nivel de 56.200$. El nivel del 50% de Fibra Óptica del movimiento ascendente desde el mínimo de $54.000 hasta el máximo de $58.350 está actuando como soporte. En el gráfico horario del par BTC/USD se observa una línea de tendencia alcista con soporte cerca de los $55.000.

Al alza, el precio se enfrenta a una resistencia a corto plazo cerca de los niveles de 57.500 y 58.000 dólares. Una ruptura clara por encima de la resistencia de 58.000 dólares podría abrir las puertas a un nuevo máximo histórico. En el caso indicado, es probable que los toros apunten a una prueba de 60.000 dólares.

¿Las caídas son limitadas en BTC?

Si el bitcoin no logra superar la zona de resistencia de 58.000 dólares, podría corregir a la baja. Un primer soporte a la baja se encuentra cerca del nivel de 56.000 dólares.

El primer soporte importante se encuentra cerca del nivel de $55.000. Si se produce una ruptura a la baja por debajo de la línea de tendencia, de los 55.000 $ y de la media móvil simple de 100 horas, podría producirse una caída hacia el soporte de los 52.000 $.

Indicadores técnicos:

MACD horario – El MACD está ganando lentamente impulso en la zona alcista.

RSI horario (Índice de Fuerza Relativa) – El RSI para BTC/USD está cerca del nivel 50.

Principales niveles de soporte – $56,000, seguido de $55,000.

Principales niveles de resistencia – $57,500, $58,000 y $60,000.